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EERA EP (clear vinyl)

£9.99 / Sold Out

EERA - EP 12"
released March 4th

350 black vinyl / 150 clear vinyl

clear vinyl only available through the House Arrest store

1. White Water
2. Drive With Fear
3. Marry Me
4. Undressed

Having grown up in the fishing town of Drøbak, used as the harbour for nearby capital Oslo when temperatures freeze over in the winter, EERA only began to pick up on the dark and brooding sound she channels on her EP after moving to London. 

"It's in the pop world but with grunge elements," EERA says of her music, admitting that life changed when she swapped her acoustic guitar for the endless possibilities of an electric. "When I write is when I feel the most relaxed. I forget everything else."

Between tales of doomed relationships such as on 'White Water', there is a beautiful moment where she takes on the voice of her grandmother, speaking to her late grandfather as they approached 60 years of marriage ('Marry Me').

Her bare-bones approach to songwriting is married to an emotional honesty many would find intimidating, but by tapping into her bravery and lyrical honesty, EERA has established a sound which she finally feels represents what she wants to say.